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Endoscopic Lifting of Forehead

Endoscopic technique enables to perform operations for smoothing foreheads and lifting lowered eyebrows which give the face a gloomy expression. This operation gives a pronounced rejuvenating effect to the upper zone of the face. In this case it is not necessity to perform a plastic reconstruction of the upper eyelids. An additional element to an endoscopic operation is also a lift of the nose tip which, when advancing in years, tends to ptosis.

What is your problem?

  1. Flabby skin of the forehead.
  2. Deep horizontal wrinkles on the forehead.
  3. Eyebrows and eyes, especially their external corners, have lowered. Upper eyelids "have grown old" – the skin is condensed and hanging above the eyes.
  4. Slanting and vertical wrinkles in the nose bridge area.
  5. Wrinkles in the root area of the nose, its tip "has drooped" too.
  6. The appearance is gloomy and tired and the look is "hostile".

What age is good for operation?

It depends on one's self–perception. The aesthetics of the upper part of the face are influenced by different factors: age, way of life, habits, etc. Usually the operation is demanded by patients over 35 years, but can be recommended to people of any age who have wrinkles in the forehead area and their eyebrows have lowered.


Severe diseases of internal organs, serious cardiovascular, oncological and infectious diseases, uncontrollable high blood pressure, problems with blood coagulability, diabetes, disease of the thyroid gland, complete loss of skin elasticity, serious damages in the frontal area and in the upper third of the face.


Duration: 1.5–2 hours.

Advantage of the method

Little traumatizing, minimal operative field, absence of visible postoperative scars, reduction of baldness and numbness possibility in the parts of the invasion zone, minimal loss of blood, insignificant displacement of the hair growth line, a short rehabilitation period, the risk of complications is lowered or reduced to zero.

In our clinic

Endoscopic lifting of the forehead and eyebrows is performed by an exclusive original technique of professor D. Marshak (France).


General combined.

The postoperative period

1 or 1,5 day stay in hospital. Bearing a special fixing bandage within 24 hours is obligatory. Postoperative edema and bruises disappear in 7–14 days. The sutures are removed in a week. The final result can be estimated in 2 months.

Complications and risks

Minimal percent of pathology but... Temporary loss of sensitivity, discomfort (itching) in the area of incisions and punctures, moderate edemata, numbness of the forehead, undistinguished mimicry impairment of the forehead. Edema of the forehead tissue can keep several months. Loss of hair can occur in the area of incisions (in some months the growth of hair will renew).

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