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Chin Plastics (Mentoplasty)

Age wrinkles do not always originate complexes. A reason for going to the surgeon can become congenital or posttraumatic deformations of the face lower zone. Mentoplasty is a correction of the chin shape and contours, malar areas, restoration and improvement of natural forms and profile lines of one's face, creation of harmonious conformity of the chin to all other parts of the face.

What is your problem?

  1. When advancing in years fat accumulates in the chin area. It stretches skin and forms a skin fold.
  2. Insufficiently developed and oblique chin.
  3. Congenital deformation of the chin.
  4. Heavy, prominent, disproportionate chin.

What age is good for operation?

Not before 18 years of age if there are aesthetic defects in the chin area. It is recommended to correct the chin when the body bone tissue development is complete i.e. from 23–25 years. If you have age changes in this area (indistinct contour, flabby skin and the second chin), we recommend this operation after 30–years of age. Motivation – self–perception and self–esteem.


Serious cardiovascular, infectious and oncological diseases, uncontrollable high blood pressure, problems with blood coagulability, diabetes, diseases of the thyroid gland, complete loss of skin elasticity, serious damages in the chin area and in the lower third of the face.


Duration – from half an hour up to 2 hours (depends on the volume of surgical manipulations. There are two kinds of Mentoplasty – reducing and enlarging. Both are performed to change the shape of the chin, but not the size, therefore the result by the highest standards depends on the surgeon's skill.).

Correction of a double chin

Possible in an out–patient mode –30–minute operation. At a younger age, when the problem of a pendent chin is connected with a local accumulation of fat, liposuction helps. If there is a stretch of the neck superficial muscle and there are cross or longitudinal folds on the neck, it is expedient to combine liposuction of the chin with a plastic repair of platysma.

Enlarging Mentoplasty

It is usually applied to an oblique or small chin. Silicone implant is used. This operation can be supplemented by liposculpture, the Lipex method. To make the face more expressive, Mentoplasty can be combined with implantation of cheekbone areas to make them larger.

Reducing Mentoplasty

Duration of operation 1.5–2 hours. It is based on the technique of so–called osteoplastic transformation. Before an operation it is necessary to make an orthopantomogram – an X–ray panoramic picture of the lower jaw. Using this data the surgeon determines his possibilities.


General combined.

Postoperative period

2 or 4 hours or one day in hospital (depending on a kind of operation). In case of implant installation a fixing bandage is put on. When enlarging plastics are used, some discomfort may be felt for 3 or 6 days. The primary hypostasis dissipates in 10 or 12 days. In 1 or 3 months the hypostasis disappears for good and the result of the operation can be estimated. When a chin is reduced the recovery period is about 2 weeks.

Complications and risks

Common postoperative problems: bruises, hematoma is possible. In some cases temporary loss of the chin tissue sensitivity and a slight chewing disfunction may occur (disappears on the 4–5th day).

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