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Increase of volume and improvement of mammary glands forms by using implants

Female breast is a delicate substance. The fashion for its size and form has always been changeable. However, the same fashion has for ever approved an immutable quality – it must be high and elastic. A standard of a female breast beauty does not exist. This concept is subjective. But women with a small breast usually have complexes on this account. Achievements of aesthetic surgery enable to make your bust more expressive, to improve the contours of the breast and to give your figure more proportional and perfect forms which you are dreaming of!

What is your problem?

  1. Your breasts are too small.
  2. The breasts have become smaller and lost their elasticity after the delivery.
  3. Loosing weight has changed the sizes and contours of the breasts.
  4. One of the mammary glands is noticeably smaller than the other.
  5. The breasts are disproportionate to the rest of the body.

When should I have an operation?

It depends on your self–perception and self–appraisal. The size and the form are determined by biological factors: age, weight, hormonal background, pregnancy, inheritance. Your breast, from the aesthetic point of view, can be quite attractive. A different thing is your own attitude to it. If you feel a moral discomfort in occasion of "imperfection" of your bust – then such an operation is necessary to you. If your decision is conclusive, then the guarantee of a good result can be the experience of the surgeon and quality implants. If necessary the prosthetics of mammary glands can be combined with their lifting (Mastopexy). How much can the breasts be enlarged? It is necessary to consider their natural forms and volumes and your constitutional peculiarities. The doctor's task is not simply to enlarge your bust, but to create a beautiful, harmonious silhouette. The best effect is obtained when the volume of the breasts become larger by one, maximum two sizes. The surgeon will consider your wishes by all means, but they should always "be entered" in the limits of your anatomy and physiology. A skilled surgeon will estimate all factors which will influence on the new aesthetics of your breasts and will offer the best way.


  1. In spite of advertising various creams, capsules, emulsions, tablets, electric and vacuum stimulators and so forth, the efficiency of these methods of enlarging breasts is doubtful. Injections of various gels can lead to irreversible processes/changes in your breasts and present hazard to your health.
  2.  Each woman, dreaming to change the form of the breasts and to increase their volume should know that the most correct way to realize her dream is a plastic aesthetic operation which implies installation of implants. In the language of physicians this operation is called "Prosthetics of Mammary Glands". It's the only way of reliable and safe enlargement of breasts or change of their form is Mammoplasty with an installation of implants, i.e. prosthetics of breasts.
  3. Two important factors determine the successful result of the operation - quality of the implants and the professionalism and experience of the plastic surgeon.
  4. It is proved that there is no direct link between an operation on prosthetics of mammary glands and their cancer.
  5. Do not try to change your breast size from zero to the fifth - too large implants necessarily can provoke complications.
  6. Silicone implants do not cause intoxication, silicone allergy, no adverse effects on pregnancy, breast feeding and infant health.


Age before 18 years, serious chronic diseases of internal organs, infectious, cardiovascular and oncological diseases, mastopathy (nodal mastopathy, diffuse mastopathy), tumoral diseases of mammary glands, problems with blood coagulability, diabetes, venereal diseases, uncontrollable high arterial pressure, complete loss of skin elasticity, propensity to excessive scarring (keloid cicatrices), inflammatory diseases of skin, mental frustrations, unfinished lactation (less than 1 year after the delivery).


Duration: 1–2 hours. There are several methods of operation. To install the implants can use different types of access. Incisions can be made: in the submammary folds in the armpits, around the perimeter of areolas - in any case, the length of the skin incision is less than 5 cm. Scars will be located in hidden places and after time will be invisible. Pocket for the implant is created either under the breast or under the pectoral muscle or under the fascia of the pectoralis muscle.


General combined.

In our clinic

We have always offered all the best to our patients of what is created in aesthetic medicine and that is: high quality, safety and efficiency of all operations and procedures. And we remain true to our principles. In our clinic we use high–quality implants approved by the European Committee of Medical Guarantees and Quality of Materials for Plastic Surgery – EQUAM. We prefer companies-manufacturers which determine high standards in aesthetic medicine, have irreproachable reputations in the market and produce implants and expanders to correct the form and the size of mammary glands - various configurations, special purpose and work on individual orders. Any woman can choose implants suitable only for her to create individually-unique the size/form/volume/height of the breasts with maximal responsiveness of her constitutional features. Each implant has a passport with initial data about the endoprosthesis and the firm. Implants of reputable brands provide a natural aesthetic effect, in terms of complications - most/practically safe.

Postoperative period

1–2 days in hospital. Moderate pain (stopped by anesthetizing preparations). A feeling of a skin tension in the operation place caused by a postoperative hypostasis. It keeps about one week. Sutures are removed on the 8–10th day. Bearing (3–4 weeks) a special compression bra is necessary. Within 1.5 months after an operation it is recommended to limit physical activities, to exclude visiting a bath–house, a sauna and a sun deck. The final result can be estimated in 3–6 months. In our clinic a special program of rehabilitation was developed to help patients to be restored after an operation much faster and easier.

Complications and risks

Hematomas, a slowed down healing of the wound, a temporary change of sensitivity of the breasts (decreased or increased). Exact observance of medical recommendations before and after an operation reduces the risk of such complications to a minimum.

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