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Intimate surgery

Modern researches prove that in intimate sphere women don’t have fewer problems than men. For example by some estimation about 45 % of women suffer from orgasmic dysfunction, by another — 67 %. 33 % of women-respondents today complain of “sleeping libido”. Doctors name such a condition “sexual dysfunction” and men call it “frigidity”, which is often groundless. There are very few frigid women; much more women are not sexually woken. Not less than 15—20 % of women have various sexual disorders, such as painful coition, vaginism, pathological hyper sexuality ... There are a lot of “corporal” diseases which are based on a psycho-emotional stress. In some situations, sexologist and psychotherapist can help, in others — gynecologist and endocrinologist. But there are problems, which can be solved only by intimate surgery. Operations are divided into two groups — improvement of genital appearance and salvation of functional problems. At some stage of her life a woman may think it necessity to change her opinion of herself. We decided to give you information, which you can use in your search of the way to solve your intimate problems and to improve your sexual appeal.

Complex techniques

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