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Plastics of small and large lips of pudendum (Labioplasty)

During all her life, woman “struggles” with her body. Actually she becomes a woman not at the moment of defloration but when she starts to understand the power of her external appeal and sexuality. You should not forget that the female sexuality is subtle and it is based on emotions and sensations. Meaningly improving herself, a woman aspires to give her body those forms which by her understanding are ideal. And positive changes occur only when she sincerely starts to love her body and ceases to be ashamed of it. Improvement of appeal of external genitals not only raises the level of her psycho-emotional self-estimation, but also improves the quality of her sexual life.

What is your problem?

  1. Appearance of my genitals — too large small lips.
  2. Large lips of pudendum are flabby and too large.
  3. Age deformation of the large lips of pudendum.
  4. Deformation of the pudendum lips after deliveries.
  5. You are not satisfied with the look of the small lips of pudendum.
  6. The small lips of pudendum are big and asymmetrical.

When should you have an operation?

It depends on your self-perception and self-appraisal. It is important to understand the main thing — any woman experiencing discomfort in connection with the imperfection of her genitals can solve her problems by means of plastic surgery. Plastics of the lips of pudendum are correction of their sizes, forms, and asymmetry. Women always experience very much complex because of the “perverted” aesthetics of their genitals. Moreover, the congenital or acquired defects create a number of functional inconveniences. And there are situations when a plastic operation in the intimate zone becomes the only opportunity to dispose of problems and to normalize sexual life. Sometimes, women aspire to enlarge their sexual lips to give themselves and their sexual partners, not only visual, but physical pleasure as well- chubby lips of pudendum make the vagina opening narrower. Genital surgery becomes more and more demanded not because the number of cases with deformations of the lips of pudendum increases but because women wish to look irreproachably “from top to toe”. Have you come to conclusion that this area of your body is far from being perfect? Each problem always has its salvation. The only thing you should do is to make an appointment with a surgeon and tell him about your problems and wishes. N. B. It is better to have an operation right after the menstruation or one week prior to it.


Depending of volume of surgical operation.

Plastics of the large lips of pudendum

If you have a surplus of hypodermic fatty deposits (too outstanding lips of pudendum) the surgeon applies a method of surgical resection (removal of excessive skin tissue), or a method of liposuction. A choice of technology depends on the surgeon’s preferences, indications and a task in view. For completion of insufficient volume of the large lips of pudendum the method of skin plastics is used (transplantation of your own skin-fatty tissue). Sometimes plastics of the small lips of pudendum are combined with the plastics of the large lips of pudendum — a complex operation.

Plastics of the small lips of pudendum

The essence of the operation: the surgeon deletes the surplus of the skin tissue so that the small lips of pudendum don’t project above the large ones and “are hidden” deeper then latent self-absorbing stitches are put in. The cicatrix in section place goes deep down (traces of surgical intervention are not visible) and it will not disturb at a sexual intercourse. Аfter operation not formed scarring. Sometimes plastics of small lips of pudendum are combined with plastics of large lips of pudendum — a complex operation.


Depending on peculiarities of your health, volume of operative intervention.


Serious chronic diseases of internal organs, infectious, cardiovascular, oncological and inflammatory diseases of genitals, problems with blood coagulability, decompensated diabetes, venereal diseases, uncontrollable high arterial pressure, complete loss of skin elasticity, propensity to excessive scarring (keloid cicatrices), inflammatory diseases of the skin, mental disorder).

Postoperative period

During the first several days should be observed sparing regimen. Painful sensations/ soreness is not expressed. Tissue reactions after surgery is completely goes away during 3.5 weeks (individual parameter). It is necessary to strictly observe the doctor's recommendations. The most important point: sexual rest before the wound's complete healing - 3-5weeks (depending of volume of surgical operation. The sutures resolve on their own in 2-3 weeks. Within 2-3 weeks it is necessary to abstain from physical activities, sauna and hot baths. During the first week hygienic care of the operation area must be observed as recommended by the surgeon. In some cases antibacterial preparations to prevent inflammation are prescribed. The final result can be estimated in 2 months after an operation - lips of pudendum assume a normal/natural form.

In our clinic

We perform laser rejuvenation of the intimate zone. Owing to the application of innovative laser technologies and the laser equipment of the new generation from the company Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH, we can offer our patients laser rejuvenation of the large lips of pudendum. Laser rejuvenation of the intimate zone is performed by means of the multipurpose erbium laser MCL 30 Dermablate and the Micro Spot technology, which works on the principle of fractional photothermolysis. The technology enables to exert dosing and careful influence upon the micro sites of the “aged” toneless skin of the lips of pudendum. Stimulation of an antiage process in its cells occurs and young skin tissue is formed. The unique laser procedure is safe, it suits patients with any type of skin, it does not require long rehabilitation and it has no by-effects. Result: significant improvement of structure, color, tone and turgor of skin; normalization of blood supply and reinforcement of the exchange processes in the deep layers of skin, restoration of elasticity, smoothing of rugosity, disappearance of cosmetic defects, that is-full rejuvenation.

Complications and risks

They are minimal.

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