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Lāzerdermatokosmetoloģija|Лазерная дерматокосметология|Laser dermacosmetology
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Laser dermacosmetology

Owing to the development of high technologies, rejuvenation and correction of aesthetic problems of appearance became possible without surgical interventions — by means of various laser systems. Laser therapy occupies one of the leading places in the list of the most perspective directions in the modern dermatocosmetology. In our clinic the most meticulous attention is paid to this direction. By means of lasers it is possible to solve many skin problems: from removal of freckles, pigmentary spots, vascular asterisks, pigmentation, micro traumas and pimples and up to smoothing deep wrinkles and alignment of the integument. All manipulations are performed without contact with the patient’s skin. The laser is sterile and destroys any bacteria in the operation field, therefore complications are practically unavailable. For all kinds of influence, healing and rejuvenating effect is characteristic: the skin revives, tightens and becomes evenly light in color, its structure improves.

Correction of any cosmetic imperfection and skin defects. Complex techniques.

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