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Laser rejuvenation of the face skin and correction of skin cosmetic imperfections

“The best operation is a not performed operation”, — aesthetic surgeons say suggesting women that they should forget about plastics for a while. Laser rejuvenation of skin is the most advanced method of making the face young, and the skin smooth and mobile without pain, scars and features changing. One of the last achievements of aesthetic medicine are procedures by Micro Spot technology on the laser device MCL 30 Dermablate supplied by Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH (Germany). This technology has incorporated all “rational grains” from the previous laser techniques and today it is the most progressive one in the market of beauty. It is universal, highly effective and safe.

What is your problem?

  1. Ageing of skin of face, neck, hands and the decollete zone.
  2. Wrinkles on the face, neck, in the decollete area.
  3. Increased pigmentation and freckles.
  4. Enlargement of pores, decrease in skin elasticity.
  5. Postoperational/posttraumatic cicatrices.
  6. Scars after cuts/burns.
  7. Cicatrices which remaine after acne rash (postacne).
  8. Depigmentation (congenital, after burns, skin illnesses).

What age is good for the procedure?

If you exactingly treat your skin and do not wish to be reconciled with signs of age, it is possible to start laser rejuvenation from 25 years. After 30 years the epidermis thickens (the upper layer of the skin) by 1% every year. The internal layer, on the contrary, becomes thin and fragile. Keratinized cells accumulate on the skin surface. The result is dim complexion, small wrinkles, the effect of “dirty” skin etc. Age changes, cosmetic defects, marks after endured diseases, as well as fear of surgical methods is an objective motivation to this kind of rejuvenation at any age. The traces of ageing become visible at 30-35 years. After 40 years you will see in the mirror obvious changes, unfortunately, not in the best way. Should you take laser rejuvenation? It depends on your self-perception your self-appraisal and only your decision.


Pathology of thyroid gland, precancer conditions, any inflammatory processes and malignant new growths in the prospective zone of processing, infectious diseases, diabetes, impairment of blood circulation, serious cardiovascular diseases, system diseases of conjunctive tissue, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis in a stage of aggravation, epilepsy. N. B. Preliminary consultation of the doctor is obligatory!

In our clinic

Laser rejuvenation is performed by means of the erbium laser MCL 30 Dermablate and Micro Spot technology which works on the principle of fractional photothermolysis. The innovative development of the scientists of Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH permits to influence the micro parts of “old” skin in doses, then on their places young and healthy skin grows. Micro Spot from Asclepion is the fastest and controllable way of rejuvenation plus stimulation of antiage process in skin cells. In comparison with other kinds of laser rejuvenation, skin processing by Micro Spot technology from Asclepion suits patients with any type of skin, does not demand long rehabilitation, practically has no by-effects, is more comfortable for patients, is effective in salving many problems of both young and a withering skin. This technology enables to influence delicate zones safely and carefully: the skin around the eyes, neck, the decollete zone, the back side of the palm. The procedure can be recommended, as independent, and as a part of complex programs of rejuvenation.

Areas of influence

The face: top and lower eyelids, lobules of ears, around the mouth, forehead, between the brows, temples, cheeks, nose, nasolabial triangle, chin, neck, decollete zone.


Significant improvement of structure, color, tone and turgor of skin; delay of melanin development, normalization of blood supply and amplification of exchange processes in deep layers of skin, strengthening of vessel walls, restoration of elasticity, protective and barrier functions of skin, narrowing of pores as well as smoothing of wrinkles, disappearance of cosmetic defects, roughnesses, pigmentary spots, etc.
Aesthetic result: full rejuvenation of skin.
Visual effect: 5-8 years younger.

Advantage of Micro Spot Asclepion

Safety, efficiency, minimal traumatic rate, short period of rehabilitation, suits all types of skin. It is possible to process any part of skin on the face and body; there is no risk of complications. Salvation of many aesthetic problems for 30 minutes and essential rejuvenation for some years. This method of rejuvenation is especially recommended to those patients who are afraid of surgical rejuvenation or wish to delay the time of plastic operation.


Even after the most complex/volumetric procedures you can leave home today. Make-up can be imposed in 3-4 days. For 2-7 days (an individual parameter) there will be a slight reddening. In 5-7 days the skin will get healthy color and look much freshened. Temporary dryness of the skin is eliminated by humidifying cosmetic means. Even after the first session the tone of the skin improves and moisture exchange processes are restored. The complexion improves, small wrinkles are smoothed and healthy redness in your cheeks appears. Finally the skin becomes elastic, smooth and even. In 3-4 weeks it is possible to luxuriate under the sun and in a sun deck. It is recommended to use sun-protection cream with SPF 50-60 within 6 weeks. The final result after a course of procedures can be estimated in 1-2 months.


  1. We stand up for a complex approach to rejuvenation; therefore we offer our patients a combination of laser procedures: rejuvenation by means of erbium MCL 30 Dermablate and diode MeDioStarХТ lasers produced by Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH. The unique program permits to keep the skin young for a long time.
  2. In case you are not in the mood for a course of systematic and sparing rejuvenation of your skin by Micro Spot technology and wish to have “fast results”, you need to make up your mind for laser polishing of your skin. The amount of such procedures depends on problems with which the patient comes, his subjective sensations.
  3. Elimination of mimic wrinkles, skin folds and full rejuvenating effect can also be achieved in a combination of surgical plastics of the face and neck, laser peeling and injections of fillers.
  4. Complex programs: laser rejuvenation plus cosmetological procedures. Complex influence improves the result from the laser rejuvenation procedure and creates a synergetic effect. Our doctors will help you to select an optimum combination of techniques, considerably increasing the efficiency of each of them.
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