Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine of Medical Doctor Edward Yurshevich

Medicīniskā kosmetoloģija|Медицинская косметология|Medical cosmetology
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Medical cosmetology

  • Advice of a cosmetician/diagnostics of the skin
  • Professional cleaning of the face
  • Treatment of skin pigmentations
  • Treatment of problem skin
  • Treatment of dry skin
  • Treatment of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)
  • Treatment of acne
  • Mesotherapy
  • Bio revitalization
  • Machine cosmetology (ionization of the skin, treatment by ultrasound, muscle toning, etc.)
  • AWТ - therapy by acoustic waves (correction of a figure). Intensive decrease in volumes, еlimination of displays of a cellulites, increase of elasticity of a skin.
  • Clinical line - a way to healthy skin. Dermatological preparations for face skin care/treatment: fast restoration/improvement of a condition of a skin (any type of a skin), completion and strengthening of reserve abilities of a skin, preparation to aggressive treatment/manipulations and adaptation after them, treatment of dermatological diseases, preventive care.
  • Planimetric and volumetric plastics (injections of cosmetic fillers)
  • Injections of botulinum toxin preparations
  • Correction of mimic wrinkles (injection of botulinum toxin preparations, laser peeling)
  • Carbon laser peeling
  • Lymphodraining massage (manual and machine)
  • Vacuum massage
  • Medical programs
  • Medical–improving procedure unit (pre and postoperative work with patients)

Complex Techniques

The clinic equipment enables us to apply advanced achievements of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. The union of medicine and cosmetology provides efficiency and safety to all procedures. Doctors –cosmeticians have great practical experiences in all spheres of rendered services. An individual complex program which guarantees a visible aesthetic result is made for each patient. Our clinic applies professional cosmetic products and techniques offered by the elite beauty–institutes of Europe. The effective cosmetic programs are based on unique ingredients. The technologies are exclusive. We offer complex treatment and care maintaining health and beauty of the skin of women and men of all ages.

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