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Neķirurģiskā atjaunināšana|Нехирургическое омоложение|Nonsurgical Rejuvenation
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Non Surgical Rejuvenation

It is erroneous to believe, that the only way to dispose of the skin “weariness”, wrinkles, puffiness, flabbiness, pigmentary spots and a double chin... is surgical. Today a scalpel of the plastic surgeon is not the only way to cardinally improve your appearance. The aesthetic medicine has just fantastic opportunities for rejuvenation, which is not surgical. Each technology is unique in its own way but the principle of action is reduced to the main thing: the development of wrinkles stops, nearby tissues become stronger, the lost volumes are restored, the metabolism of cells becomes more active — the skin appearance improves quickly and essentially. What happens to us? We become happier because we look about ten years younger.

Complex techniques.

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