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Removal of benign new growths: papillomas, angiomas, lipomas, atheromas, warts, etc

It is difficult to find other diseases that people try to hide so much than skin diseases. They interfere with human life and can “tell” much about heredity, a way of life, age, nutrition and bad habits ... Frequently, without knowing the truth we call “something” on the skin its defect or imperfection. In any other case an imperfection could be transformed into an advantage but not the one related to skin. Benign new growths do not cause any visible damage to health but they cause an acute feeling of discomfort, both physical and psychological. Unfortunately, the skin condition, when advancing in years changes radically. It is important to notice those changes in time and to take necessary measures.

What is your problem?

  1. There are “transparent” new growths in the armpits area on cruses.
  2. On the leg there are more than 10 small warts.
  3. There are papillomas on the body.
  4. A few years ago small white formations appeared on the eyelid. Now there are a lot of such new growths on both eyelids and on the edge of eyelashes and all of them have different sizes.
  5. Strange “moles” of pinky-red color about a pin head in size.
  6. A big red spot — angioma.
  7. Small tumors of cherry color — smooth and small, slightly prominent above the skin.
  8. A big lipoma on the face.

What time is good for operation?

First, it depends on your attitude to your health and appearance as a whole, secondly, on how serious the changes occurring to your skin are. Healthy skin must be clean and devoid of “ornaments”, which can also create threat. All new growths which are “suddenly” found on the skin in this or that period of life relate to the signs of its ageing or to skin diseases. It is evidence which has the power of fact. What should your actions be if after your skin diagnostics and biopsy pathology is revealed? Definitely it is necessary to accelerate your visit to an oncodermatologist. The doctor will certainly determine expediency of a surgical operation in the mode of “cito”. Are you lost in conjectures and suspicions? To get rid of doubts concerning the “unidentified objects” on the skin, make an appointment with an expert.


  1. Angioma is a benign vascular formation. It is a red pigmentary spot. Its basis is made of blood (hemangioma) and lymphatic (lymphangioma) vessels but not a congestion of skin pigment. Lymphangiomas occur less often than hemangiomas. Hemangioma can quickly grow and move the surrounding tissues aside. They are painless but sometimes occupy big skin areas on the cheeks, eyelids, nose and disfigure the face very much. There are several kinds of angiomas. One can be born with angioma but it can be formed at an adult person. The reason is age changes of skin which often occur to people after 40-50 and older. “Star-shaped” angioma occurs at any age. We advise to remove superficial angiomas, because with time they enlarge and can cause discomfort — painful sensations when pressing and bleeding when damaged. Angioma can inflame and suppurate. Seborrheic keratomas and angiomas are very common with corpulent people and diabetics.
  2. Viral papilloma infection is virus disease. The activator is a papilloma virus. Carriers are the majority of healthy people. Disease proceeds without pronounced symptoms. Formations (peaked condylomas, papillomas) can be localized on various parts of skin and mucous membranes. Despite of benign character, some of them, depending on the part of skin, conceal a risk of oncological diseases development.
  3. Condyloma is a limited papillary growth of skin on mucous membranes, having an inflammatory character. They usually occur in places of constant irritation or friction. Wide condylomas are mushroom-like growths on wide bases (they can be manifestations of the secondary period of syphilis). Peaked condylomas “stand” on thin stems, develop on irritated skin of external genitals humidified by secretions, in inter-buttocks and groin folds, less often in axillary hollows and mouth corners. They do not disappear on their own.
  4. Warts are benign new growths caused by several types of papilloma viruses. They can appear on any part of the body. These new growths are infectious, they are easily passed when people contact directly and through household goods. According to statistics, 93 % of the planet inhabitants have had warts at least once in their lives. If you have warts or papillomas, it means you are a source of infection for associates, a virus carrier.
  5. Chondromas, lipomas and fibromas are benign tumors of cartilaginous, fatty or connecting tissues. Sometimes they become big in size.
  6. Lipoma (fatty tumor, lipoma) is a benign tumor. Lipomas are the result of blockage of the discharge outlet of the sebaceous gland channel. It is painless and can intensively grow but it does not present any danger. Lipomas, which are in subcutaneous fat, regenerate in liposarcomas extremely seldom.
  7. Atheroma is a result of blockage of the discharge outlet of a sebaceous gland channel.


There are various methods of removing new growths, in each case the doctor acts according to the situation. A surgical excision is required to remove extensive benign new growths. The procedure is performed in the operating room. Anesthesia is local. After surgical manipulations intraskin cosmetic stitches which are removed in 6-7 days are put in. After their removal a light and thin (2-3 mm) scar remains. All the removed skin formations are necessarily sent for histological research. We remove capillary angiomas by means of laser equipment and cavernous ones are to be treated surgically. Treatment of chondromas, lipomas and fibromas is a surgical excision. After their removal relapses never occur.

In our clinic

To remove benign vascular new growths we apply (on indications) the lasers QuadroStar + and MeDioStarХТ by the Company Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH. Laser Quadro Star + Asclepion enables quickly and evenly to remove pathological formations on vast areas. A patient has a minimal discomfort and achieves a unique cosmetic effect. Laser coagulation: the beam passes through the skin, is absorbed by the blood hemoglobin and transformed into heat which solders the vessel. The beam selectively influences the expanded vessels not touching the surrounding tissues. After the laser influence there is only a deepening which completely disappears in 2 weeks. Laser technology, coagulating tissue, blocks the road to a virus infection and to repeated occurrence of virus new growths. When making a choice in favor of this or that clinic offering a laser procedure it is better to chose the one that possesses lasers of the last generation. Why? They provide an optimal combination of parameters necessary for effective treatment (power, length, impulse duration and beam diameter). Therefore the doctor can make coagulation of vessels of any type and diameter. Lasers of the new generation are supplied with a system of cooling — the skin never burns. After the procedure there is a small reddening on the skin, which disappears in 24 hours. For correction of superficial vascular pathology we use the laser MeDioStarXT (on indications). Experts of our clinic have a wide experience of work with such skin formations.


Any inflammatory process and malignant new growths in the prospective zone of processing, infectious diseases, diabetes, impairment of blood circulation, serious cardiovascular diseases, system diseases of conjunctive tissue, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis in a stage of aggravation and epilepsy.

Efficiency and safety

Exact, predicted, safe influence on the pathological center, computer control of depth of influence guarantees an excellent medical result and practically no rehabilitation period.

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