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Ambulatory surgery

In our clinic we operative on a wide spectrum of surgical diseases of "small forms" which do not require a long (1 day and longer) stay of patients in hospital. Such operations are performed in out–patient conditions.

The opportunities of our versatile medical center allow rendering qualified surgical help in operating–rooms equipped with everything required. We apply various methods of surgical treatment, including laser. In the arsenal of the clinic there are multipurpose laser devices of the latter generation made by the company Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH (Germany). In case of a small volume of surgical intervention a patient is prescribed a complex treatment guaranteeing an absence of postoperative complications. During the whole rehabilitation period we monitor the patient's state of health (periodicity of the patient's control visits to the clinic is determined by the surgeon).

Ambulatory surgery in our clinic

  • Small surgical operations.
  • Hernial Surgery.
  • Surgical treatment of various cicatrices, including keloids.
  • Operative treatment (including laser) of benign new growths of skin, hypodermic fatty tissues and soft tissues.
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