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Surgical Treatment of Transsexualism (Sex Changing)

They come into the world, as all of us, girls or boys. But their life is painful because they have a sensation of living in alien bodies. And we are talking about a serious disease transsexualism. Transsexualism cannot be cured otherwise but by changing the sex. Only an operation is capable to harmonize the inner world of the patient with his body.

What is your problem?

  1. My child (a girl) looks and behaves like a boy.
  2. Hormonal therapy has made my appearance more masculine but what shall I do with my body?
  3. I do not feel myself a woman, I hate my bust.
  4. I'm convinced of my belonging to another sex, I loathe my genitals.


  1. Statistical data about transsexualism: some sources say: 1 out of 40.000 people, others – 1 out of 100.000 people.
  2. Transsexualism is officially included in "International classification of diseases, traumas and reasons of death" in connection with a high risk of suicide (various forms of it have been displayed by 86% of transsexuals). The only way to resolve the problem, connected with the discrepancy of the civil and passport sex with the psychological one is a hormonal and surgical treatment.
  3. Surgical transformation is preceded by a psychiatric examination. The patient is examined by a psychotherapist, a psychologist, a sexopathologist, a neuropathologist, a gynecologist and a therapist. They determine that she has no mental deviations and her aspiration to change the sex is her only opportunity to live in harmony with herself and to normally adapt in society.

What age is good for operation?

Transsexualism can be displayed deliberately by girls at the age of 3–5 years (special interest in the clothes of the opposite sex, requests to be called by a man's name, aspiration to accordingly change her appearance, problems of dealing with contemporaries, unsociability). During the puberty the girl hates her genitals and her figure. Finally the formation of transsexualism completes by 20–30 years. An average age of the patients–transsexuals applying to a surgeon is 20–24 years (51 %). Sex changing surgery is not performed before 21 years.


Severe diseases of internal organs, infectious and mental diseases, uncontrollable high blood pressure, oncological and serious cardiovascular diseases, problems with blood coagulability, diabetes, complete loss of skin elasticity, propensity of the skin to excessive scarring (keloid cicatrices).

In our clinic

Surgical treatment of transsexualism is performed for more than 12 years. We use unique technologies allowing us to make the whole spectrum of surgical manipulations on sex changing: a woman into a man in two or three operational stages, and a man into a woman–during one operation.


General combined.

The postoperative period

1–2 weeks. The program of postoperative care has its peculiarities and differs from standard procedures. Subsequently it is necessary to be observed during the year – the frequency of visits to the clinic is determined by the surgeon. After 8 months a newly appeared man is able to return to a sexual life and experience a sexual pleasure.

Complications and risks

The majority of operations on sex changing, performed by skilled surgeons, give beautiful aesthetic and functional results with a minimal possibility of complications. However they are not excluded, if an operation is made by an inexperienced surgeon.

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