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About us

Firm Medserviss was founded on February 28th, 1993. The President — Medical Doctor Edward Yurshevich. For a long time plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries have been reputed to be our visiting card. But we constantly expand our possibilities not only due to innovative surgical technologies and our own techniques, but also due to a wide spectrum of medical services. In Medserviss we specialize in endoscope surgery, dermatology, medical cosmetology, laser dermatocosmetology, etc. Medserviss represents a set of many directions in aesthetic medicine which work in constant interaction.

Opening of the multipurpose medical complex “Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine of Medical Doctor Edward Yurshevich” is a deliberate decision of Medserviss management and a result of long-term experience of Dr. E. Yurshevich in aesthetic plastic surgery. The building of our Clinic is located in the very center of the Latvian capital Riga in Dzirnavu street 23.

The main direction of our work, as before, is plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, laser dermatocosmetology and laser dermatosurgery, gender surgery, surgical treatment of adiposity, aesthetic and functional plastic gynecology, intimate surgery and much more. High specialization and absolute responsibility of our experts is a criterion of the excellent job during many years.

We guarantee reliability and safety of all aesthetic operations and procedures. When realizing our promises we are assisted by revolutionary discoveries in aesthetic medicine: surgical and cosmetological equipment, endoscope and laser equipment, instruments and sutural materials, modern anesthetics and medicines, active cosmetic products and exclusive techniques.

Constant monitoring of innovations in aesthetic medicine is our routine. The most effective, reliable and safe technologies are selected — only they “are registered” in our clinic right after the world premier. We are in constant contact with scientific research institutes, famous clinics of aesthetic medicine, and authoritative manufacturers of medical equipment.

“Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine of Medical Doctor Edward Yurshevich” is acknowledgement of the fact, that aspiration for perfection is as much important for us, as for our patients.

We stand up for complex treatment and care. We try to use, as much as possible, the whole potential of the antiage technologies improving the quality of operations and procedures, reducing the period of rehabilitation of patients. Medical cosmetology and laser dermatology serve as additions to plastic surgery before and after operational periods.

Our pride is impressive aesthetic results and gratitude of the people. During the many years of work thousands of successful operations and effective procedures have been made. Such achievements and sound professional ambitions have allowed us to formulate the main slogan of our clinic: “It is not magic - it is aesthetic medicine”. This concept became Alpha and Omega also for the site of LIPEX.

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